Our Story

Our History

Intrigued by the history and art of Alhambra, the eponymous palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of Granada in southern Spain, Dr. Nasar Rustom hoped to one day bring the culture, art, and splendor of Alhambra to the city of Chicago. Over the course of several years and many trips to the Middle East and North Africa, Dr. Rustom amassed a large collection of artifacts to eventually display and furnish at his future restaurant.In order to recreate the splendor of the original Alhambra, Dr. Rustom began commissioning artisans from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco to recreate the Moorish style of art for the hand carved wood furniture, sculptures, rugs, stone mosaics, arabesques, and crystal chandeliers that were to be found around the restaurant.

Our Vision

Intricate gilding framing doorways, windows, and hand painted tiles paneling the walls throughout the restaurant would exemplify the care and painstaking detail that Dr. Rustom wanted to recreate from the original Alhambra right here in Chicago.Eventually, all of Dr. Rustom's hard work would pay off. Since opening in 2007, Alhambra Palace has provided a unique experience of fine dining and entertainment to a diverse range of customers. So now we ask, are you looking for something to excite your senses? Stepping into Alhambra Palace is a guaranteed experience for a unique evening of Middle Eastern fine dining paired with exotic drinks. Come for the food and stay for the amazing entertainment. Alhambra Palace features the best belly dancers and Middle Eastern singers Chicago has to offer every Wednesday through Saturday. Alhambra Palace also features Latin salsa and tango dancing every Tuesday and Sunday. Everyone here at Alhambra guarantees that once you've been transported to Alhambra Palace's exotic fantasy land, we're sure you'll have an unforgettable experience you'll never forget!